Sunday, January 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

Over the past few weeks I've started collecting white pitchers. I don't want them new, finding them in thrifts stores is the best for me. Now that Valentine's Day is coming up I'm filling them with flowers.
I only have 4 so far and those 4 I've had on the mantle above the fireplace and they were on my buffet in the dining room. This was during Christmas. I've been moving them around a bit and now I've split them up and they're on the mantle and on a little table by the front door as a happy welcome when you come in.

My daughter might have a bigger love for flowers than me so as soon as these die I'll have to buy some new ones. I hope I can find some peonies.

I found a little heart shape in a thrift store that just needed a little work.
Picture 1 is old school country.
Picture 2 is modern country.
Picture 1.  Picture 2.

And I found the best spot for it in the house!

But then I changed my mind again... But that's the fun of decorating, it's never done.

The driftwood wreaths I made got a little Valentine make over too. I just put some pink ribbon on it and the sheep got a little bow. Check out the link on how to make the wreaths.

The frame holds a free printable and it's so cute.
Find some inspiration on:
And the one I used you can find here:

2 Pitchers found their place by the front door. For now...

Find out here on how to make the wreath in the back.

Hope to see you back in a few.

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