Sunday, December 15, 2013

Driftwood wreaths

It all started with a sunny afternoon spend at the shore of south Lake Tahoe. I saw a the little pieces of beautiful driftwood and I just knew I had to take some home. At that time I didn't have an idea yet of what to make with it but I knew I would think of something. My daughter helped me pick out the best pieces. She was great at that. 

My collection of driftwood.

The first things I made was wreaths. 3 Different sizes but all the same style.

I started with some longer pieces and laid down a circle shape. After gluing them together with hot glue. (Using my friend's glue gun since I couldn't wait for mine to be found after such a long time of not using it!!!) After that it was easy peasy. I just kept adding layers working my way in. When I was satisfied with how thick my wreath was I added some shorter sticks on top. Especially those with a nice color and some with some sparkly sand on it.

Close up of the homemade wreath.

I still had plenty driftwood left so I made 2 more. For the 2nd one I made I started with making a circle and then working my way outwards. I didn't like working like this as much so I started working inwards again. Hence the smallest wreath.

After that I made one more wreath and I had used up all my driftwood. This one got a special little sheep on it. It's a childhood treasure from my husband. His great grandmother crochet it for him when he was still a small child.

The wreaths got center attention on my wall with with shutters.

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  1. Ik moet binnenkort maar eens naar het strand, denk ik! Leuk hoor!

    Groetjes, Pietrik