Thursday, December 5, 2013




Modern Country, shabby chic, vintage, upcycle; whatever you want to call it, I just love this style of home decorating. And it took me a little while to discover this style. Yes, I've been repainting furniture for many years now and I've rearranged rooms ever since I was a young tween. Yes, my mom let me use her house! But it is since maybe 2 years that I realize that it is this style where I feel most at home in. I've gotten married in 2006 and when we moved to America I became a homemaker. I like that word; homemaker. Because that's exactly what I was doing: “making a home” for us. And of course it is what I'm still doing. With 2 kids and a dog thrown in as well.

But you can say I had a lot of time to decorate the house to my (oops, our) liking. Back then I started off painting furniture in a multitude of colors. I had an orange side table but also a purple one. I had striped colorful curtains, a reddish rug, there was a blue display cabinet and the sofa had a reddish sofa cover on it. I hope that paints the picture for you. Thinking back of that time I can see I went a little bit overboard with the paint. I still love color but not like that anymore. I wanted to post pictures but unfortunately the pictures of that time are on a external hard drive and too much work to get too.

Over the next few posts I'll show you some pictures of my house as it is now. You will see lots of white furniture and new uses for old things.
Something else worth pointing out, except for the sofa, all the living room furniture you'll see are all free curbside goodies, Craigslist ad finds, thrift store treasures and even a coffee table made out of a futon base. Kudos for the husband on that last one :). It makes me very happy to know that I can turn an old dresser that no one wants anymore into a great piece for my house. Painting is a very rewarding hobby in which you'll get to enjoy the end product every day.

The table my husband made from an all wood futon base.

The table got a coat of blue paint and it was good to go all Summer long.

I like the natural distressed look but I wasn't too pleased with blue for a table inside.

So I painted it. Just like that. Now we got a mega big coffee table that fits all our drinks, books and toys.

It gives me great pleasure knowing that I'm not spending a ton of money on a piece of furniture, especially since I like to rearrange and change furniture all the time. An item will usually not stay in the same spot longer than 6 months. That's the beauty of decorating every room in the house in the same style, you can move furniture around with no problem. AND I'm keeping furniture out of the landfill. For me it's a win win.