Sunday, January 5, 2014

Got doilie? Chrochet bowls

This project is so fun, easy and rewarding. Making these bowls is just a matter of minutes, it's the waiting for it to dry that takes a long time! I would recommend letting it dry overnight. Once done you will get so many uses out of it and you will really have something unique to show for. How about collecting jewelry on your bathroom vanity, showing off found pine cones on your coffee table. Or put it on a little table by the front door and put your keys in it. How about filling up a bowl with wooden letters or old spools. Let me know what you'll use it for.
Start with round doilies. Thrift stores are great for finding them if you yourself don't know how to make them. Use equal parts school glue and luke warm water and mix together in a bowl.

Turn plastic or ceramic bowls up side down. You can use different sizes so your new doily bowls are different too. I had to elevate some by using a tall glass so I could drape the doily over it without it touching the counter. I also put plastic wrap over the bowl so it would be easy to take the doily off once it was dry.                                 
Dip the doily in the glue mix. Make sure everything is soaked and then drape it over the bowl. Now you just wait, wait, wait and wait a little more.
The next day your bowls are ready to use!
Don't forget to let me know what you plan on doing with them!

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